I write my story to become emboldened.

I share my story to embolden you.

Motherhood is one of life’s greatest teachers.

Adversity is another conveyor of tough lessons. Combine motherhood and adversity, and I guarantee there’s a story to be told.

My story of perseverance through adversity in motherhood unfolds on this website and in my memoir, Growth: A Mother, Her Son, and the Brain Tumor They Survived, not yet published. Learn about my background. And to keep up with my latest writing and other projects, join my mailing list. While you’re on this site, poke around and see if we connect. I bet you and I have more in common than we know.

Why write?

Writing my story has helped me come to terms with what happened when I was a younger mom, when I lacked the self-awareness and self-confidence to stand up for my son. And, writing gives me perspective on how I became that woman. Through writing, I am emboldened to be the best version of my self.

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But why share?

I'm not proud of my painful truths. But I share my story because it will embolden others—because it may embolden you—to seek the truth about yourself, to muster the courage to change.

Persevere with me.

Change is never easy, but if you stick around, we’ll do the hard work together. If you’d rather fly solo, I wish you the courage to persevere on your journey. Either way, I’d love to hear from you! Click here to share your thoughts.