I write my story to become emboldened.

I share my story to embolden you.

My mission is to facilitate dialogue among and about people-pleasers, because sharing our story is the first step in becoming emboldened.

Have you ever said yes when your heart screamed no? Most people do, on occasion.

But for many people-pleasers, agreeableness is a lifestyle and the pricetag is high.
What does it cost you?

Stick around. We’ll figure this out together.

Get to know me.

Here’s the hard truth: I never learned to stand up for myself.
Here’s the harder truth: I didn’t know how to stand up for my son. When he was ailing and needed a fierce mama bear to protect her cub, all he had was me and I was too agreeable.

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What does “people-pleasing” mean?

Here’s my definition: to habitually prioritize others' needs, wishes, or happiness over one’s own.

In other words, it's:

  • A pattern of feeling like a pushover, a doormat, a wet dishrag.
  • A history of being afraid to make waves, and not wanting to rock the boat.
  • Constantly getting walked on.
  • A recurring fear of conflict, resulting in swallowing your true feelings and opinions.
  • Regularly not standing up for yourself.
  • Often allowing your voice to be silenced.

Does this sound like you? It sounds like me, or at least the old me—the person I was for decades.
Click here to read more, including the ten signs you may be a people-pleaser.

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Take a step forward.

You don’t have to be a people-pleaser forever!

Q: How do I become emboldened?

A: Here are three ways I can help, through webinars, focus groups, my mother-daughter dialogues series.

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“In a recent phone call, I called myself a 'recovering people pleaser'. I'm not sure if I would have such awareness if I was not connected to you. Thank you!”

Gail, a subscriber