Here I go again. Another gift card give-away. Yay.

Self-promotion is one of the necessary evils of the online writing world. I hate it but I do it. That’s why my title is intentionally less than enthusiastic.

I’d rather reserve this space for some of my insights and stories on personal growth, self-acceptance and life lessons, including updates on my memoir (which is full of more personal growth, self-acceptance and life lessons than I can wrap my brain around some days!)

But learning how to be comfortable with self-promotion is personal growth after all, I guess. And when I can promote me by showing you my appreciation, then Yay! for real.

So here goes:

It occurred to me that I’ve left you out of an opportunity to benefit from my self-promotion.

I launched my new writer’s Facebook page; you may have noticed the icon here on this site. If you haven’t already, you can follow me on Facebook by clicking on it.

Everyone who follows my by midnight Sunday, February 25* (that’s tomorrow, as I write this) will be eligible to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Yay for you!

There. Done. Phew!

I won’t post another reminder, but I’ll announce the winner on Monday.  Enjoy your weekend!

*Or, whenever I wake up on Monday 🙂

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