About this site

I have always needed to be Well Nested  – long before I recently coined the phrase. Quiet and alone time, preferably at home, is my fuel. Without it, ordinary obligations drag me down and overwhelm me, like a smoke filled room. And without enough Well Nested time, adventures like traveling  – or anything that sends me tip-toeing outside my comfort zone  – just fizzle rather than sizzle. 

For many years, I wished I were different. I have friends and family whose lives are full of travel and activities, homes full of guests and visitors, always on the go or on the phone. It looks exciting and fun… from the outside. But for me, living it would be exhausting.  

More recently, I realized that my wishful thinking was not only wasted energy, but it sucked away at my essence. I can’t change something inherent like my introversion and highly sensitive personality (HSP,) and wishing to be something different is a disservice to myself. Like an outgoing tide that takes a little more beach with each receding wave, my focus on who I was not was eroding the superb uniqueness of who I am.

With this site, I embrace my Well Nested life, and yours. I welcome you to thrive with me in a world that bombards us with constant stimulation. The blessings of a Well Nested life are ours to harvest and to sow in the world. Our flock is enormous – we just have to find each other. And … here we are.

I blog weekly about my Well Nested life – my “adventures of a homebody.” If you subscribe, you’ll get an email on Friday mornings with my most recent post. I don’t talk politics. I won’t write any “how-to” blogs, but I may write “how I” to share what works for me. Then you can take it or leave it. And I won’t attempt to sell you anything!  

My blog is an escape, a pause in your day, a place to feel Well Nested. I hope you’re in!