Become Emboldened

My mission

To facilitate dialogue among and about people-pleasers, because sharing our story is the first step in becoming emboldened.

In addition to my writing, and the resources on this website, I have three ways for you to become emboldened with me:

Wipe Your Feet Before You Walk All Over Me

This webinar (now on Youtube!) explores various thought-provoking facets of people-pleasing, and how I learned to push back against my need to please. You’ll walk away with 10 Steps to a Stronger Self!

Pleased to Meet You Focus Group

Along with no more than five other friends and followers like you, we'll explore what it means to sometimes or often feel unable to speak up for ourselves and loved ones.

Mother-Daughter Dialogues

With thought-provoking questions, I create space for mothers and daughters to explore how they come to be similar or different in people-pleasing.