I WRITE my story to become emboldened.

I SHARE my story to embolden you.


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    • to impart boldness or courage
    • to instill with boldness, courage, or resolution enough to overcome timidity or misgiving

Merriam Webster

I embarked on my journey to become emboldened in 2016, when I returned to the task of finishing the memoir I had started writing years before. Digging into my sometimes painful truth and splaying it onto the page has been a test of courage—not my strongest trait.

And yet, personal growth lies in facing our most painful truths, in doing the things we fear. And so, I persisted.

In writing my story, I have become emboldened. In sharing my story, I have emboldened others.

This page is about you finding your own path to becoming emboldened. What’s your story?

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Digging for Meaning in Motherhood

Your kids are grown. The day-to-day demands of being a mom are over. You wonder, "What did motherhood teach me?" Using writing prompts, timed writing exercises, and excerpts from contemporary works of creative nonfiction, you will mine your memories of motherhood. No writing experience necessary!

Mother-Daughter Dialogues

With thought-provoking questions, I create space for mothers and daughters to explore how you come to be similar or different in people-pleasing.

Pleased to Meet You Focus Groups

In a small group Zoom setting, you'll explore what it means to sometimes or often feel unable to speak up for yourself and loved ones.

Wipe Your Feet Before You Walk All Over Me

This webinar (now on Youtube!) explores various thought-provoking facets of people-pleasing, and how I learned to push back against my need to please. You’ll walk away with 10 Steps to a Stronger Self!