Digging for Meaning in Motherhood

Your kids are grown.

The day-to-day demands of motherhood are over.

You look back on the joy and heartache of the previous years and wonder:

“How can I make meaning of this big piece of my life? What did I learn?”

"What did motherhood teach me?"

Motherhood, one of life’s greatest teachers, is a wellspring of personal growth, but sometimes we must dig to unearth her lessons. After our children have grown, we may develop a fresh perspective on the highs and lows of the previous years.

Using writing prompts, timed writing exercises, and excerpts from contemporary works of creative nonfiction, you will mine your memories for your own truths of motherhood.

No writing experience necessary.

“Digging for Meaning in Motherhood was a fun and insightful way to hone my thoughts and then share with the other participants. Thanks, Karen, for facilitating such a great discussion!

Amy, a participant

In this Zoom webinar:

You will write a bit, reflect a lot, share as much or as little as you’d like.

Your purpose is not to answer the question “What does it mean to be a mother?” but to explore the questions:

  • “What was it like for you as a mother?”
  • “What does or did the experience teach you?”
  • “What are your truths about motherhood?”

You will learn about other mothers’ experiences, and as a result, gain personal insight.

You will receive a copy of the webinar slides, a list of self-reflection questions to serve as writing prompts, and a bibliography of recommended reading.

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"I so enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on my motherhood experiences. The prompts were creative and thought provoking, and Karen created a supportive environment for the group interaction.”

Deb, a participant

Please note: Classes are scheduled on a rolling basis. Sign-up here to indicate your interest, and I will notify you of upcoming dates!