Mother-Daughter Dialogues

In the process of writing my memoir, Portrait of a People-Pleaser and the Son Who Paid the Price, I explored what I call "generational people-pleasing"--when parents pass down their overly agreeable tendencies to their children.

My mother struggled to assert herself. My father made a conscious decision to avoid conflict. Learning through their example, I never quite figured out the right way to be my own person. My sister, however, four years my junior, won't let anyone push her around.

How does this happen?

As I started thinking about this discrepancy, digging deep into the roots of my disease to please, I observed the relationships of my female friends with their daughters. Some assertive mothers had passive daughters. Some passive mothers had assertive daughters.

How does this happen? What messages do girls internalize within their families and how does society influence those messages?

With mother-daughter dialogues, I create space to explore these questions and identify practices to minimize people-pleasing, become more assertive, and
support each other in speaking our truth.

Daughters must be 18 or older.

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