Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Day 4.

I can’t say my son had a brain tumor. To be accurate, I say he has a brain tumor. 

Twenty years ago, when Matt was 11, an MRI revealed the growth, clinging to his brainstem, located so deeply within convoluted folds of grey matter, it is inoperable. 

He’s had it for twenty L-O-N-G years.

He’ll have it for the rest of his life. 

I hope that’s a L-O-N-G, L-O-N-G time. 


  • An emerging writer in upstate, NY, Karen DeBonis tells her story on her website, in publications like the NY Times, (a Tiny Love Story), in her “Become Emboldened” projects, and elsewhere. "Growth: A Mother, Her Son, and the Brain Tumor They Survived" is Karen’s transformational memoir about the clash between her naive expectations of motherhood and her son's needs, which destroys her confidence and threatened her stability (Available for representation.)

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