Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Day 6.

Years ago, when I first started writing my memoir, I had a working title I thought was so clever, it would become a best seller on the title’s merits alone. 

The title was based on the idea that there were no good guys or bad guys in the story of my son Matt’s rumble with a brain tumor. 

There were doctors who could have listened better, and maybe they would have, had I been more assertive. All the other characters, from teachers to family members to my husband Mike were trying to do their best in their relationship with Matt. They weren’t heroes, nor were they villains.

My book wasn’t out to cast blame or shame. It still isn’t. There were no black and white judgements or characters, only shades of grey. The title captured all of that, with multiple plays on words:

Shades of Grey MATTer. 

You see now why I have to come up with something different? And I’m still working on it.



2 thoughts on “Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Day 6.”

  1. You are so determined therefore you will most certainly succeed. No doubt at all !

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