Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Day 9.

I was so engrossed in revising a draft of my memoir manuscript, I forgot to write an entry earlier today. So here are some random excerpts from my manuscript, and your opportunity to give me feedback.

“I wonder who I would be, had my child been perfect like I expected.”

(This is currently the opening line. Would you continue reading?)

“When Matthew was a baby, Mike and I had a conversation about kids getting teased. He said it happens to all kids, which horrified me–the thought that my child would be subject to emotional pain and I would be powerless to prevent it.”

(What about you–have you felt this way?”)

“It was like trying to catch a firefly. Mike and I grasped at the flash of light in the darkness, thinking, “We got this,” but our hands came up empty. So we grabbed a net. At the next flash, further away, we lunged with the net, swooping at the air, but the holes were too big. We got a finer net, but the next flash was too brief and too far away and so unexpected that we couldn’t capture it. We waited patiently for the next flash, but we didn’t have a chance.

(Have you ever felt this way in trying to figure out what’s going on with your child?)



  • An emerging writer in upstate, NY, Karen DeBonis tells her story on her website, in publications like the NY Times, (a Tiny Love Story), in her “Become Emboldened” projects, and elsewhere. "Portrait of a People-Pleaser and the Son Who Paid the Price", Karen’s transformational memoir about a woman’s quest for authenticity and the courage to speak her truth, is currently available for representation.

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  1. Jack Herlocker on May 11, 2018 at 1:17 AM

    Good opening line. I’d give sentence #2 a fair shake. 🙂
    The teasing thing shows where your mind is at when it comes to protecting your son.
    The firefly paragraph is *awesome*, metaphorically. It’s a keeper, it is.

  2. Karen DeBonis on May 11, 2018 at 11:19 AM

    Thanks for your input Jack!

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