The element of surprise bit me in the (fill in the blank).

I started about five different blog posts this week, but left each one dangling.  I couldn’t get them to gel.  I started writing about the sun in my office, how my husband always breaks zippers, putting green food coloring in milk, do-overs, and believe it or not, all the different words for “butt.”  

Yes, these are all legitimate blog topics and one day you will see the final version.  Well, maybe not the butt one, for reasons explained below, but it’s real, I swear.

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Can't do it this week. Sorry.

Well, flock, I’m blogging to tell you I’m not going to blog this week.  I just don’t have it in me.  There haven’t been enough functional hours of the day lately for me to be able to write.  Big chunks of time are eaten up by my “not serious” health issues.  

Plus, I’m heading out of town this week to visit my parents.  They can’t wait to heap an overdose of TLC on me, and I can’t wait to be heaped upon.  By the time most of you read this, I’ll be basking in their love.  How lucky am I?  

I’ll answer that question for you by explaining the picture.  I’m sure you’re wondering.  

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