Milk this Thanksgiving for all it's worth.

When I did my Thanksgiving shopping earlier this week, I brought my grocery list as usual, but this time I also had paper coupons, and electronic coupons saved on my Hannaford app. I bought almost twice as many groceries as usual, and it took me twice as long, but hey, I saved $20. The next morning, I…

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The roar of the lioness, the squeak of the mouse.

  [Trigger warning: reflections on sexual assault.] I wasn’t sure what to do with my feelings last week. They sat in a jumbled heap in my gut, and I couldn’t seem to sort them out. I didn’t want to write about them; I had other priorities, like my memoir manuscript. But I couldn’t escape the…

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Happy Positivity Day!

Today is Friday the 13th, a day some people truly dread. For others, these unlucky Fridays provide a whimsical excuse for all that goes wrong. April was the most recent time a Friday fell on the thirteenth. When I shared some thoughts about it, I received a comment by this writer suggesting that every Friday the…

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Being directionally challenged.

3 people looking at map and pointing

I’ve been directionally challenged as long as I can remember. In the long hallways of my L-shaped high school, I never knew which end of the building I was in, each wing on both floors being the mirror image of the others. In college, I got lost in the library stacks, and in the basement…

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My aha! moment.

woman having aha moment

I’ve often felt ashamed of my simple life. When acquaintances talked about their upcoming vacations or their weekend outings, I sometimes dreaded being asked what I have planned because usually the answer was “nothing.” 

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