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Links to selected essays

The New York Times: My Son, the Homeowner. (Please scroll down to the fourth story.)

Herstry: When the Weak Show Strength

Brevity’s Nonfiction blog: The Guts to Tell My Story.

Past Ten: My History Gave Me Credibility.

AARP: Mom’s Parting Gift.

Mothers Always Write: When a Horrifying Diagnosis is a Relief.

Literary Mama: A Story Worth Telling.

The Sunlight Press: Why I Hide My Truth.

Pulse: Voices from the heart of medicine: A Hard Lesson in Humility.

Drabblez: A Literary Magazine: When Muddied Waters Clear. (Please scroll down to story number eighteen.)

Writers In The Storm Blog (quarterly posts): A Writer’s Goal for 2021, The Timeless Writer’s Struggle: Ego vs Humility, Harnessing the Power of Writer Karma, A Creative Way to Handle Query Rejections.


Writing Class Radio: Even the Weak Can Weather the Storm.

Midlife-A-Go-Go: Overcoming Obstacles.