February 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friend,

Last month, I tried Dry January–a movement to abstain from alcohol–for the first time. One of the most remarkable things about the experience was the support and engagement I received on Facebook and how much I learned about myself. The other remarkable thing was that Newsweek.com published my essay about it!

I Failed Dry January; The Results Were Still Amazing.

This month, I’m again immersed in the exciting but exhausting world of book marketing. As a reminder, last month I told you Growth is available for preorder on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Bookshop and that your preorder helps other readers see my book.

Now, Growth is also posted to Goodreads.

Would you do me a quick favor that has a huge impact? Would you go to that Goodreads link and click “Want to read”? (See the image below.) Like Amazon preorders, your Goodreads “want to read” click helps more potential readers see my book as they browse. (Don’t give me any stars yet since you haven’t read it–that favor comes later.)

Thanks in advance for your help!

One more thing: I have lots of these new book business cards and would love to mail you a few. Do you have family, friends, or a book club that might be interested? Just let me know how many cards you’d like (up to 10).

I truly appreciate any support you can give me. Even your reading this far reminds me I’m not shouting into a void. For that, I thank you.

In less than three months, Growth will be released into the world. Gulp. May 2 is the big day, and I’ll have some virtual festivities I hope you’ll join. More to come… 

In the meantime, here’s to growth. 

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A Mother, Her Son, and the Brain Tumor They Survived.

When her eight-year-old son begins to exhibit increasingly bizarre behaviors, a happily married mother of two must meet the overwhelming demands of motherhood and wrestle with her fear of conflict if she and her son are to survive. 
Forthcoming from Apprentice House Press, May 2023.
Karen is a happily married, slightly frazzled working mother of two when her eight-year-old son, Matthew, develops a strange eye-rolling tic. Gradually, her high-energy kid becomes clumsy and lethargic, her “Little Einstein” a gifted program dropout. Karen knows something is wrong. But she can’t get anyone to listen and lacks the backbone to crack the resistance. After three exhausting, desperate years, finally, an MRI reveals the truth: a brain tumor, squishing Matthew’s brain into a sliver against his skull. Following a delicate surgery, doctors predict a complete recovery. But the damage from the delayed diagnosis prolongs Matthew’s recovery, challenging Karen to grow in ways she never imagined. 

A fast-paced page-turner told with candor, insight, and wit, Growth takes you on a rollercoaster of painful truths and hard-won transformations.  

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