Hey there! I had a feeling “Freebies!” would get your attention. Here you go:

FREEBIE number one:

Assertive Mantras

This one is for my people-pleasing peeps—you big-hearted, compassionate, giving friends who expend so much energy being nice to others and spreading love around your world, yet always seem to get screwed somehow.

I get it. I’ve been there. I’m one of you, but I’m changing. My spine is growing stronger, my skin is growing thicker, and I’m learning to care for myself as much as if not more than I care for others. What a radical idea, right?

For you, I have five assertive mantras you can repeat throughout your day to start changing your people-pleasing thought patterns.

It’s a powerful step to start revealing the strong, empowered person hiding beneath your protective, people-pleasing mantle.

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What a ride it’s been. I hope you’ll join me!

FREEBIE number two:

My guided meditation video, a ten-minute staycation using your five senses. And here’s the cool thing–you only need to watch it once. Once you create your personalized, relaxing scene, vivid with details, it will be yours forever, like a candy lifesaver that never dissolves in your mouth!

Feel free to watch as often as you’d like, but once is all you need. Now go enjoy yourself. Aaaah.