How many selfies are too many?

Before I first started blogging in 2016, I didn’t actually know what a blog was. I didn’t know how to create or maintain a website. And I didn’t even know how to write very well. So I googled and read a lot.

It seemed the majority of articles I found were written as lists. Everywhere I looked, it seemed, life was boiled down to numbers. “Ten Ways to Clean a Toilet Bowl.” “Five Hacks to Clean a Garbage Disposal Cleaning.” “Top Twenty Toothbrushes.”

I didn’t know at the time these were called listicles–a piece of writing using a list as its theme.

As a new writer, I thought it was a cop-out to write in lists. Where was the innovation, the creativity, the uniqueness? Where was the challenge? The whole concept was overdone. 

I set my goals higher. I wanted to be a good writer, a great writer, even. Every time I came across another essay, blog, or article in lists, I thought, “WTF?” 

I set out to capture that exact expression in selfies. In my mind’s eye, I could picture it. My facial muscle-memory could recreate it. I practiced in front of a mirror to be sure I had it right. Yup. Nailed it.

Then I got my cell phone and snapped away.

A gazillion selfies later, in at least a dozen different poses in two different rooms, I still wasn’t convinced I completely replicated the right look.

So I scrolled through my phone. I smiled. I giggled. Then I doubled over, laughining hysterically. I thought I would pee my pants.

I had to figure out a way to share the experience. A gazillion hours later, after teaching myself how to use Youtube and iMovie, and finding the perfect song to accompany it, I produced my first “music video,” below.

While you’re laughing, if you think of it, why not take a few selfies?


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