July 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friend,

It’s been two months since Growth came out and I am blown away by the response. The most frequent comment I’ve seen about my book is “page-turner.” It’s what I intended but didn’t know I could achieve.

Life as a published author is less pressured than being a “forthcoming author,” but equally busy. I wrote about the unexpected highs and lows in this published essay. Scheduling appearances and interviews, holding book talks, and pitching podcast interviews fill my days. You can see many of my activities on this page

Here are the two I’m most proud of:Being interviewed for Radio Health Journal, a nationally syndicated show, about medical gaslighting. Don’t know what that means? Have a listen- it’s less than 10 minutes.Having my book described as “a powerful and emotional memoir” in my local paper–the Albany Times Union. I have many more events in the works, so stay tuned!Even more gratifying……are your Amazon and Goodreads reviews. Here’s a sample:

“This book, like Karen’s parenting, is a triumph.”
“Karen DeBonis has the strength to say what we often feel but don’t have the guts to verbalize.”
“She is a warrior. And a damn good writer.”

I could go on and on to the point that I’m a sobbing mess, but I have a long to-do list today, so I’ll stop and simply say thank you, a deep, heartfelt thank you.

If you’ve read Growth but haven’t posted a review yet, I’d truly appreciate it if you would. As of this writing, I’m at about 30 ratings/reviews on Amazon. I’m told 50 ratings is when something magical happens that no one can quite identify, but I certainly don’t want to miss out.Here’s how to help me get in on the magic:

Don’t be intimidated by what to write. Even “This is a great book” or “I recommend this book” is sufficient. If you’ve texted or emailed me your reaction, you can cut and paste that–no need to write something new.

On Amazon: Click on my book, then scroll down past the related products, the editorial reviews, the product details, “About the Author,” more related products, customer reviews, and finally, you should see the section shown below. Click “write a customer review,” and it will take you to a page that’s pretty self-explanatory. Attaching a photo of you holding my book adds value. (Thanks, Cathy!) Please note: depending on your device, your view may vary slightly. 

On Goodreads:Click on my book and right below the image, you’ll see “Rate this Book” under a row of stars. After you click the stars (4 or 5 would be greatly appreciated!), a link to “Write a Review” will pop up, which will take you to a review page. 

I get that in your busy life, posting a review might not be a priority. If you do have a chance, I so appreciate the support. 

What’s next for me? Do I have another book in me? Will I still write? I’ll answer those questions in my next newsletter. Here’s a hint: my plans include a book marketing consulting venture! 

Until then, be well, enjoy summer, and keep on reading.

Here’s to growth!

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A Mother, Her Son, and the Brain Tumor They Survived.

When her eight-year-old son begins to exhibit increasingly bizarre behaviors, a happily married mother of two must meet the overwhelming demands of motherhood and wrestle with her fear of conflict if she and her son are to survive. 
Available where books are sold.
Karen is a happily married, slightly frazzled working mother of two when her eight-year-old son, Matthew, develops a strange eye-rolling tic. Gradually, her high-energy kid becomes clumsy and lethargic, her “Little Einstein” a gifted program dropout. Karen knows something is wrong. But she can’t get anyone to listen and lacks the backbone to crack the resistance. After three exhausting, desperate years, finally, an MRI reveals the truth: a brain tumor, squishing Matthew’s brain into a sliver against his skull. Following a delicate surgery, doctors predict a complete recovery. But the damage from the delayed diagnosis prolongs Matthew’s recovery, challenging Karen to grow in ways she never imagined. 

A fast-paced page-turner told with candor, insight, and wit, Growth takes you on a rollercoaster of painful truths and hard-won transformations.  


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