March 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friend,

As soon as the new year rolls in and the days start getting longer, I get Spring fever. In March, even with patches of snow still on the ground here, I feel the change of seasons in my body and my psyche. This year, the feeling of change is profound, perhaps because of this news:

I signed a publishing contract for my memoir! 

It’s true! Scroll down for more details.

Besides wrapping my head around this news, I’m also gearing up for another knee replacement surgery in mid-April. I’m focused ahead to the time when recovery is behind me and my mobility is restored. I’ll have a lot of legwork to do–virtual and otherwise–to prepare for my book release in spring 2023.

I’m starting to assemble my “launch team”–individuals who will help promote my book. There are myriad ways to help, some of which don’t even require the purchase of my book (although I hope team members will buy it anyway)! I’ll have more details coming soon, but if you think you’d like to join my team–no obligation–just reply to this email or reach out at I’d LOVE to have your support!

Overshadowing my good news, of course, is the invasion of Ukraine. My heart goes out to the courageous Ukrainian people and to those of you who have friends and relatives there. I keep trying to imagine myself abandoning my house, running for my life, dodging bombs. It’s unfathomable. I’m asking myself how getting my book published can possibly matter when the world is in the middle of such strife.

But two take-aways from my memoir are relevant for these times:

1) You may be stronger than you think. Who better exemplifies this than the Ukrainian civilians bearing arms to defend their country?

2) Knowing how to stand up for yourself is an important life skill. If you don’t learn to speak up about the little things, how will you respond when it really matters? 

I hope you and I never face an aggressor like Putin. I pray the conflict ends very, very soon.


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