Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Day 8.

It’s amazing, when you get a diagnosis for which you were unprepared, how quickly your lexicon expands.  Pilocytic astrocytoma and hydrocephalus and third ventriculotomy were three of the mouthfuls added to our vocabulary when our son Matt was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  In the following years, neuropsychological testing and 504 Plan and TBI joined… Continue reading Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Day 8.

Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Day 7.

I’ve been finalizing a draft of my memoir manuscript—version eleventy-nine thousand or so—and I needed to clarify some dates and facts. So, this morning, I dragged down a blue-lidded bin from the attic. I wanted Matt’s report cards and school work from third grade, when he was eight. That was the year his behavior and… Continue reading Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Day 7.

When grey matter is the color of your parachute.

Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Day 5. You know that book for job hunters, What Color is Your Parachute?  It’s a classic, by Richard N. Bolles. Award winning. In print since 1970. Ten million copies sold in 28 countries. Translated into 20 languages. Blah, blah. I read it way back, after college. Really it was more… Continue reading When grey matter is the color of your parachute.

Earthworms have it so great.

It's a rainy spring day here, which reminds me of my true earthworm story that I shared last year. You can read it below. I'm amazed to see that I left out a critical part of the story, about why I left my job, a decision prompted by earthworms. (Yeah, just read the story.) It's… Continue reading Earthworms have it so great.

When in need, a friend beats technology.

Today, I'm expanding my writing world by attending a session of the New York State Writers Institute to hear Cokie Roberts, illustrious journalist and broadcaster, speak on Writing about Women's History. The only women's history I plan to write about is my own, but I'm happy for the opportunity to connect with other writers. If… Continue reading When in need, a friend beats technology.