Site Rules

Watch your language, damn it!

I will be swearing on this site  – you are hereby forewarned.  You may swear, too, but it shouldn’t be anything your grandmother or your teenaged niece or nephew hasn’t heard before, out of your mouth or otherwise.  And not everything they may have heard should appear here.  How about we all agree that something on the level of “shit” is OK, but if you really, really feel you need to use the “F” word to express yourself, then do it minimally, and don’t spell it out.  F*** is acceptable; we’ll know what you mean.  And if you need to discuss body parts, don’t be crude.  As I deal with a chronic illness that involves body parts not normally discussed in polite conversation, and there may be times that I mention those body parts, I won’t prohibit anyone else from similar comments.  Just be tasteful. 


You can’t possibly know what it’s like to live someone else’s life, so please be kind.  I won’t allow put-downs or ridicule.  You may respecfully disagree.  In fact, you can start your comment by saying, “I respectfully disagree with you because… blah blah.”   If you don’t like a comment, guess what?  You can let it go.  Yes, you can.  And if you see a comment that lifts your spirit or feeds your soul or makes your day, please share that.  Let’s create a vortex of positivity here and draw all the positive energy in the universe toward us all.  If that’s too new-agey for you, let’s just say we’re going to err on the side of being kind.


Don’t you hate unsolicited advice?  Me too.  Like Great Aunt Agatha who solved everyone’s problems (even things they didn’t know were problems) at the Thanksgiving dinner table.   BTW, no offense if your Great Aunt Agatha is a wonderful person as I’m sure she is.  I don’t have any aunts, or uncles or cousins either, so I’m a poor judge.  (Both my parents were only children.  Yes, I’ll probably blog about that.)  The Great Aunt Agatha here is fictitious, but we all know people like her, and I don’t want YOU to be the person that comes to mind.  Try these openers if you feel yourself starting to channel your own GAA: 

“When I went through something similar, this is what worked for me …”

“Have you ever thought about …?”

“That solution didn’t work for me.  But good luck!”