It's a big day and a big step! A writing first!

It’s a writing first for me! Today, I’m happy to announce my first essay to appear in a Literary Publication–Mothers Always Write! “When a horrible diagnosis is a relief.” I submitted the essay in March, then it was accepted perhaps in May, (I’ve lost track of that exciting email), then I received notice on Monday that…

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It's a wake-up call when earthworm life looks good.

A yellow umbrella in a sky of grey umbrellas.

It’s a rainy spring day here, which reminds me of the earthworm story I shared last year on my old and now-defunct website.  It’s one of my favorite stories, so I’ve copied and pasted it below.  In rereading it, I’m amazed that I left out a critical part–about why I left my job last year. …

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Why are some people private?

I’ve known for many years I was an introvert, and I dabbled in trying to understand more deeply what this meant. But when my book editor asked her probing questions on behalf of future readers, I didn’t understand how much my need for solitude went hand-in-hand with my need for privacy.

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Brain Injury: The anomaly of my story.

Brain injury

I almost missed it—National Brain Injury Awareness month, recognized in March. Maybe it wasn’t on my radar because I don’t talk much about my son’s brain injury; I talk of the brain tumor–a pilocytic astrocytoma–that caused it. They are intertwined in my story, the tumor in and the injury to his brain. Not much of my…

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Avoidance and Growth in Memoir Writing.

Avoidance is inherent in memoir-writing. We avoid our painful memories, avoid sitting down to type them on a page, avoid telling others of our endeavors. Sometimes, memoirists are our own worst enemies. When I started blogging in 2016, knowing very little about writing, I even avoided stating the core of my book: My adult son…

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