My goal for Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

I don’t set writing goals like other writers, some of whom shoot for daily or monthly word counts, or to finish a chapter, or to post on their website or social media daily. 

I don’t set those goals because I never know how many hours in a day, if any, I’ll be able to write. My health challenges determine the course of my day.

But today, I changed my mind. I’m setting a goal in recognition of May as Brain Tumor Awareness Month. 

My goal this month is to post on my website daily, and then share it to my social media accounts. I started one day late, so that will be 30 consecutive posts. Yikes! Writers and bloggers do this all the time, but for me it’s a hurdle.

I do this in honor of Matt, my son who lives every day with a brain tumor, diagnosed when he was 11. Now, at 31, he’s doing great, but he’s faced more pain and discomfort, emotional and physical, than I face now, so I can certainly manage a daily post.

Life is full of hurdles to overcome. Mine pales in comparison to so many others’. 

If you face a hurdle, especially an extended one, my wish for you:

One step forward today,

One more pain free minute or hour today than you had yesterday,

One more moment of peace than usual.

One inch higher to clearing that hurdle, feeling it beneath and behind you.

Here’s to you, Matt, with endless love and admiration.