Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Day 8.

It’s amazing, when you get a diagnosis for which you were unprepared, how quickly your lexicon expands. 

Pilocytic astrocytoma and hydrocephalus and third ventriculostomy were three of the mouthfuls added to our vocabulary when our son Matt was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

In the following years, neuropsychological testing and 504 Plan and TBI joined our dinnertime conversations. 

It’s amazing, too, the capacity our brains have for growth. At the moment of crisis, it seems to shut down, and all we can remember are the awful words. Then our brain recovers, creates new neural pathways, and starts processing and filing information.

It’s a metaphor for life. 

We’re not always prepared for what’s thrown our way, but we have the capacity to shut down when we need to, then recover and grow.

We’re amazing creations, aren’t we?