Five words that LISTICLES bring to mind.

What’s with all the listicles lately!?  You’ve seen them:   

“Ten things to look for in choosing a toilet brush.”   

“Thirteen reasons to avoid walking under ladders.”   

“Nine ways to help your cat overcome his fear of cucumbers.” 

They are EVERYWHERE on FaceBook, online magazines and in the blogosphere

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Favorite season and personality.

As a gardener here in the northeast, winter isn’t exactly my favorite season.  Other than drooling over the seed catalogs that get sown in my January mailbox, there’s not much to do, garden-wise.  Instead of transplanting perennials, I’m moving snow again from the sidewalk to the … well, wherever I can find a place that doesn’t already have a three foot pile.  For me, digging in the snow is not at all as satisfying as digging in the earth.  And it’s surreal to imagine that all that dirty wet stuff will actually give way to a lawn and beautiful blooms in too many long months. 

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