Serendipitous simplicity

I know—that’s a mouthful—maybe not the best introduction to this quick post (yes, another one) about living a simple life, but it’s so meaningful, I had to tell you.

A few days ago, I had a final draft ready of this essay: My aha! moment. The gift of a simple life. I scheduled it to post to my website on Thursday, April 12.

Later that day, I got a link to my writer friend’s essay in my Facebook newsfeed: Living a frugal life doesn’t mean I’m not rich.*

Then I got a comment on my essay from another writer which lead me to this: Cherish the little things.

Then, the next day, Friday, April 13th, this in my email inbox: Slower and quieter.

Huh? What’s going on?

It’s serendipity. The synchronicity of the universe. Or a weird coincident. Whatever it is, it’s worth noting.

I wondered if the universe was counteracting the unlucky Friday the 13th vibes?

The “Slower and quieter” writer suggested that perhaps every Friday the 13th should be a “Simple Life” day.

Brilliant! I’m in!

The next Friday the 13th falls in July (which also happened to be my dad’s 86th birthday and my brother-in-law’s something something birthday.)

I’m going to declare it “Simple Life Day.”

If your life isn’t simple, by preference or default, that will be a day to remember to build in and relish at least a few quiet, simple moments.

I’ll remind you in advance. And maybe the universe will, too.

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