The happy ending.

My memoir, when it’s done, will be a tough read, until the very end. There’s a lot of pain in it, and I imagine some readers will wonder if they can make it through. When I was living the pain, I sometimes wondered if I would make it through, too.

Note to future readers: The story has a happy ending, and you’ll be so glad you stuck it out.

.I wrote about the happy ending in a 100 word essay, published in Drabblez Magazine this week. I was surprised at how much I could tell in so few words.

The title is When muddies waters clear.

And it starts like this:

His fifth day at Rent Central was his last, after he dropped a couch in the mud. My son.

You can read the rest of it here. (Unfortunately, there’s no direct link to my essay, but you can scroll down to #18.)

It’s another writing feather in my cap. And I’m now working on manuscript revisions in the section leading up to the happy ending. I’ll be glad when I get there!


4 thoughts on “The happy ending.”

  1. It almost reads like a poem, Karen! The sparseness counterintuitively lets the emotion come through. Nicely done.

  2. Yay…for all the family! How wonderful for your son.
    Persistence and prayers payoff.

    Thanks for sharing

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